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Falls account for nearly half of work related incidents internationally. 

In South Africa, statistics show that fall incidents, the largest category (over 20%) are falls that involve ladders or the improper use of ladders. 

Statistics in the USA show that over 50% from ladders are from ladders of 10' or lower. 

Research shows that in over 40% of ladder incidents, the cause is that the user was not properly trained on ladder usage. In 70% of incidents, this lack of training is coupled with unsafe equipment. 

Ladders are the second highest category of incidents in SA. (FEM Statistics 2019-2021).  

These ladder incidents are frequently fatal. When not fatal, they can incur costs (medical, disability, pension etc.) in excess of R6 million. Such incidents contribute to an increase of over 300% to COID premiums. 

FEM has given the Institute for Work at Heights a grant for ladder training. This falls part of FEM's Zero in Accident campaign. Contrary to what some employers believe, training is required for ladder users. See Legal Perspective.

The Ladder Training Academy uses an IWH PB approved training course to ensure your employees are properly trained for working at heights. We also provide fall prevention training.

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Rob Urquhart, owner of TLTA has been in the work at height industry for over 30 years. His company, Ultra High Level Cleaning Services, uses ladders almost everyday.

Rob is a founding member of the IWH, Chair of the Aluminum Towers & Ladder chamber as well as a Director of the IWH. Rob is one of the few Subject Matter Experts on ladder use in SA. He has been a member of SABS TC214 for over 24 years and was responsible for the proposal and adoption of EN131 as a SANS.

Rob was one of the original members of the SGB for the Cleaning & Hygiene chamber of the Services SETA when SETA's were formed. He has been the IWH representative on SSETA working committee.

Rob is a qualified Techsaiosh, ladder user (up to 21m), Fall Protection Planner, Rope Access Technician and Tower Erector (Pasma), Facilitator and Assessor.

Rob's passion is (and has been for many years) safety in the work at height industry, particularly ladders. With his vast range of experience and knowledge, there is no better person to train people on where, when and how to use ladders safely.

Rob has done a number of presentations on work at height safety and ladders at AOSH, Cleantex and to the MBA north. He trained MBA safety cadets on ladder safety in an IWH programme. 

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